He was an idealistic fighter, each section of his dramatic life requires a lifetime effort for others to achieve, but he never met, always wanted to do something for the future and this world. We have been invited to talk at the same conference at least for three times. Although what he said was always similar, you can always be inspired by his insights and super nice personality. I still remember he was so proud to say that he made the graphic design of (the interior of) Designing Interactions by himself.

He said the reason he took the job of the museum is to communicate design to the mass, and enable design to enter people’s daily life. I went to the museum to see him in 2012, he was so excited to show me every details of the museum, introduce how they move a TATA car into the old museum. He was so proud to say that he had raised so many funds for the museum. He said my DESIGN Harvests project should been shown in his museum when the renovation is completed. At that time, Jobs was just passed away, in order to see the apple flagship store on Fifth Avenue, I declined the invitation to his apartment for lunch. I did not expect it became our last meeting, as he health condition seems great at that time. Later, I heard he had some problems and had already returned to California, after that came the bad news.

“Design for a meaningful life and a better world”, this is his life. We all know that he is now in paradise.

submitted by LOU Yongqi