Bill drove a series of filmed interviews about the internet in the early 90’s with IDEO employees. I showed up with all kinds of notes about what I should say and sat in the chair in front of the camera and completely froze in a nervous brain lock.

He walked up to me and grabbed all the notes in my hand and smiled saying, “You don’t need any notes. Just tell me.” I think Bill taught me how to think and he drove everyone to be entirely authentic.

I visited him and Karin this last Christmas in NY with my kids and Laurel… He so engaged my kids in Carnegie stories and gave a wonderful tour of the mansion and museum space under construction. He will forever remain one of my greatest heroes.

submitted by Peter Skillman


In the summer of 1973 as a product design graduate straight from college I was offered a design assistant job with Bill Morridge Associates then in Bills house in Dartmouth Park Road North London. Very over-awed I was welcomed into the group and the family by Bill and Karin. The design rigour and beliefs that Bill communicated has stayed with me since then and his world wide influence and achievements are as inimitable and far reaching as his imagination. He is a real design hero…thank you Bill

submitted by Peter Hill


I had the pleasure of meeting Bill when I worked at IDEO. I’ve always remembered the conversations we had about this, that and the other while I was getting the printers connected for him. He always had time for a kind smile and cheerful greeting. Thank you, Bill.

submitted by Chris Van Ness


He set up the bar high. His humble beautiful soul will be forever remembered. So many designers look up to him. Of course I think of you. I think of you when I see Wall-E collecting objects, discovering them, surprised but the world around him, his input always unique.

submitted by Claudia


I never met Bill but so enjoyed his segment within the Objectified documentary DVD. It was so obvious the delight he found on a daily basis with the world around him. Especially items like his Ettore Sottsass spoon, Japanese plastic fish and his ancient pickup truck. It seemed obvious he and David Kelly would follow a similar design path. I love to turn on my fellow design colleagues to Bill’s work, especially when opening their laptop.

submitted by Dudley Fisher


I had the pleasure of meeting Bill while I was a design student at Virginia Tech in 2006. We had the best time while he was visiting. That was special. What a guy.

submitted by Tina


Was fortunate to meet Bill in LA in 2004 while interviewing him for a part of my Fulbright thesis on the role of education in design, the d-school, the ‘new’ and much needed design education. We talked a lot about designers being built as a ‘T’ – vertical skills and horizontal communication. A bridge between disciplines. He was a gentle giant, never boasting and always on the point. Was a privilege to see him more times after he moved to the East Coast, and lastly through his ‘Design Talks’ series. Mentor, leader – thank you for your openness, and for making an impact in my life and career.

submitted by Emilian Dan Cartis


I wish I had met Bill, but it’s more than enough consolation to have come across his contribution to the world, and be changed by his ideas. I took my cue from his idea of multi-disciplinary collaboration, and brought it with me as inspiration the first time I gave a pitch at Startup Weekend. I have Bill to thank for affirming the uniqueness I share with the world.

submitted by Mai


Tonight Dad was honored at the AIGA Centennial Gala. I was honored to be there with my Mum and sing a silly song at his memory. Silly songs: one of Dad’s many hidden talents.

submitted by Alex Moggridge


He was an idealistic fighter, each section of his dramatic life requires a lifetime effort for others to achieve, but he never met, always wanted to do something for the future and this world. We have been invited to talk at the same conference at least for three times. Although what he said was always similar, you can always be inspired by his insights and super nice personality. I still remember he was so proud to say that he made the graphic design of (the interior of) Designing Interactions by himself.

He said the reason he took the job of the museum is to communicate design to the mass, and enable design to enter people’s daily life. I went to the museum to see him in 2012, he was so excited to show me every details of the museum, introduce how they move a TATA car into the old museum. He was so proud to say that he had raised so many funds for the museum. He said my DESIGN Harvests project should been shown in his museum when the renovation is completed. At that time, Jobs was just passed away, in order to see the apple flagship store on Fifth Avenue, I declined the invitation to his apartment for lunch. I did not expect it became our last meeting, as he health condition seems great at that time. Later, I heard he had some problems and had already returned to California, after that came the bad news.

“Design for a meaningful life and a better world”, this is his life. We all know that he is now in paradise.

submitted by LOU Yongqi


I knew about Bill when I was deciding to become an Industrial Designer 35 years ago. There was an exhibition about british design in México City, I saw his work and decided to became an ID. I lost his track during years, the I knew he co-founded IDEO. I established contact with him to invite him to come to Universidad Panamericana campus Bonaterra in México, he came to give 4 conferences. Then we created a postgraduate program called Biointeractive Innovation. Now I have an investigation line about interaction in the virtual world. And you ask me how he changed my life…

submitted by Luis Arturo Méndez Alba